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Something BIG has arrived.

Do you use command line tools?
Do you use tools that require (INI...) control or configuration files?
You don't have a GUI for them but wish you had some?
Do you use several of these tools but would like to have a common user interface (UI)?
Do you want all the tools under one UI interface and not one UI per tool?
Do you want to have full control about how the GUI looks like?
Do you want to control what parts can be configured upon a user level?
Do you want verification of the user's input?
Do you need pre- and post-processing?
Do you want to be extremely flexible by describing all this in XML?
You don't know XML? No problem - how about a wizard?
You need even more flexibility and know C++? How about writing your own plugins?
Do you need all this to be cross platform?
Do you want this in 32 bit or 64 bit?

It's all done, have a look (click the images to enlarge):

DynamicGUI main screen, click to enlarge! DynamicGUI menu configuration, click to enlarge! DynamicGUI plugins, click to enlarge! DynamicGUI tool setup, click to enlarge! DynamicGUI wizard, click to enlarge! DynamicGUI wizard entry, click to enlarge!

This software is called DynamicGUI and provides you with the ability to setup graphical user interfaces (GUI's) for literally any command line based tools you can think of.
To do so, you create the tool description by means of an XML file (the specification) either using an XML editor (its has a simple syntax!) or with the help of the integrated wizard. Once done you can load 1..n of these tool description files into the frontend called DynamicGUI and this will provide you with a tabbed interface to the tools. You can now setup the parameters for the tool(s) with a GUI, additionally help might be embedded and you can run these tools while capturing their (console-) output.
DynamicGUI is very flexible: It is possible to setup rules the tool parameters must fulfil to be valid - i.e. by means of number, length or in combination with other parameters.
You don't need ANY compilation - all it needs is a specification in XML and that's basically it. DynamicGUI has been demonstrated to work on a wide range of tools including compilers, archive programs and control or configuration file based tools. For the latter the parameters are transformed into a file in a user-defined way. This file can later be provided to a tool to work with.
DynamicGUI features a very powerful project management so you can setup and even automise common features like program behaviours, shortcuts and tool run cycles. DynamicGUI is multi-threaded, meaning that you can run tools in parallel or in a defined sequential order as desired to speed up processing.
If that wouldn't be enough, the frontend is available for all major platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac.

The following image sketches the general principle of DynamicGUI graphically.

DynamicGUI principle.

Curious? Send an email to request more information and pricing.

Martin Halle.

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